About us


My name is Mykola, I live in Ukraine. I want to tell you how this store appeared. It all started in the fall of 2017. Once I had to buy a belt as a gift for my brother. But, as it turned out, in Ukraine this is a real problem. In fact, there were many options, but a quality belt, with truly genuine leather, was difficult to find.

Then the thought came to me, but what if I make the belt myself. I started looking for what I needed in order to make a good and reliable belt, and how to make it. I watched a lot of video tutorials, and read a lot of articles. And, in the end, he began to experience everything in practice. At first, of course, the result was unimportant. But over time, after a long practice, the quality of my work became much better, and the time spent on manufacturing was slightly reduced. When all this happened, I decided to start making belts to order.

Since 2018 I have been selling my products on Etsy. In 2022, I planned to expand my production and open my own online store. But because the Russian army went to war with Ukraine, I, like many Ukrainian businessmen, had to change my plans. Due to the war in Ukraine, and the limited supply of materials for production, we additionally offer belts from other manufacturers in our store. These are proven manufacturers who also use genuine leather for the production of belts, and who are in other countries.

Our plans for the near future are to expand our product range. We hope you enjoy it.

Also, if you have any suggestions or tips that will help us improve our store, write to us. Your opinion is very important to us.


P.s. In the photo, I am with my little helper, daughter Evgenia.